MELODY (Music Enriching the Lives of Developing Youth) is a volunteer organization based at Stanford University. The group offers free private lessons and music theory tutoring to students. Started in 1998 as a part of the Stanford Alliance for Service Through the Arts, MELODY has grown to include approximately twenty Stanford tutors per year, serving roughly twenty-five elementary school students.


Students 2018-2019

Emma H.
Emma M.


Casey Pablo Butcher, President

Casey is an economics major from New York who has been playing piano since the age of five. She has since picked up the violin and most brass instruments, her favorites including trumpet and F horn. Outside of MELODY, Casey spends her time on campus taking photos for the Stanford Daily, working in Career Ventures at BEAM, and working as Financial Officer of FLIP.

Kyle Feliciano, Vice President

Kyle is a junior studying bioengineering or human biology. He is from Chicago, Illinois and has been playing piano for 11 years. He loves playing the piano and the string bass. Outside of music, Kyle enjoys interning at the Stanford Emergency Department and teaching children at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital School!

Elizabeth Swanson, VP and Financial Officer

Elizabeth is a junior studying linguistics and psychology. She's originally from Folsom, California, and she's played piano since she was five years old. She loves all music, especially classical pieces, music theory, and teaching piano!

Suvir Mirchandani

Suvir is a junior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is studying Computer Science. He began learning piano when he was five. He served as president of MELODY in 2018-19 and currently leads Stanford Speakers Bureau. He also makes MELODY's website.

Brad Immel

Brad is a junior from Dixon, California looking at studying mechanical engineering. He started playing piano at 6 years old and has picked up many instruments along the way, including saxophone, guitar and steel pan. He loves improvising and mixing up songs on the piano while his friends sing along!

Hannah Prausnitz-Weinbaum

Hannah Prausnitz-Weinbaum is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been playing piano since fifth grade, and she loves to work with kids. Outside of MELODY, Hannah enjoys singing, math, and robotics.

Luci Bresette

Luci Bresette is a sophomore from Nantucket, an island off the coast of Massachusetts. She fell in love with the piano in 2nd grade and has never looked back!

Allison Sherris

Allie is a PhD student in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources. She studies environmental health with a focus on water pollution and birth outcomes in California. Originally from Seattle, she has played piano and cello since childhood, and continues to play chamber music regularly with friends! She loves working with kids, sharing music with others, and having fun outside.

Mya Kegley

Mya is a sophomore from Kearney, Nebraska planning to study anthropology and political science. She's been playing piano since the age of six, and has always loved teaching others. When she's not in class, Mya spends her time hanging out with friends, volunteering, traveling, and playing with cats!

William Chow

Austen McDougal

Egor Alimpiev

Savana Huskins

Vivek Tanna

Will Shao

Claire Kim

Kevin Su

John Nguyen